Ways we Connect

Engaging with your fellow students can be inspiring and educational while enhancing your ability to impact the issues that matter to you in your community.

Here are some of the ways we will help you stay connected.

The Literary and Debating Society. (LDS)

By the end of your programme, you can engage in debates at the level shown in the link below. Throughout the course and in LDS practice sessions, you will be debating from positions given based on factual data rather than from personal belief to hone your debating skills.

Some debates will be broadcast on various media channels, and most will be uploaded to our YouTube channel to a broad audience. You stand a chance of becoming a national and international debating icon if you can apply, conceptualize, interconnect, and relate the programme material in your thinking. Please watch this video, it will give you an idea of the standard we aim for, the importance of freedom of expression and tolerance, and a peek at the type of contentious issues you will debate.

(646) Mehdi Hasan | Islam Is A Peaceful Religion | Oxford Union – YouTube

The PS2 Social Club (PS2-SC)

This PS2 Social club is where students and alumni connect, organize, socialize, and discuss period issues arising from societal matters. Each State is divided into four zones north, south, east, and west. Each zone meets quarterly (3 times a year), and in the year’s final quarter, a state-wide event occurs where the four zones come together. Members will host the event in a rotational manner such that all members get to be a host at some point. Members decide at the last meeting who the next host should be by voting. Each zone by rotation hosts the end-of-year state event. There is a lot to learn about rotational power-sharing here: only PS2 students and qualified alumni can join the club.

The PS2 Guild Chamber {PS2-Guild}

Selected members that demonstrate exceptional and enduring leadership qualities are offered membership to the PS2-Guild chamber. Membership is by invitation only where a coronation and induction ceremony occurs.

A Pledge to Inspire

Pledge a Job or Seed Capital
It might sound over-ambitious that we ask for job or seed capital pledges from able members of our society for our students on completion of their studies. In effect, we are ensuring that our learners do not remain unemployed after graduation.

In these times, it should not matter whether you believe in such a proposal, but whether we can afford not to. That a university degree no longer guarantees food on the table must be of grave concern for us all. The education system is overdue for an overhaul if we solve youth decadence and societal inequalities. Continue Reading

Match a Pledge to Student Profile

Students looking to get pledges or business funding will have a profile page with their résumé displayed on our e-notice board halfway through their study.

We will draw your résumé from your academic e-portfolio and your all-around performance dashboard of the first part of the programme with tutor remarks.

Students are not allowed to display irrelevant or made-up stories of themselves. Unverifiable previous experience and or qualifications will not be permitted for display through this channel. Your responsibility is to ensure that all information included in your profile has been verified by student support through the entity related to that information.

The Alumni and Student Directory (ASD)

Upon completing the programme, you are entered into our Alumni directory that gives you and every student access to each other throughout life as learners on a shared path of knowledge and wealth creation.

Find fellow PS2 alumni with ease in any town or countries this programme is run. This is a vital tool that will give you the confidence to explore new worlds and new opportunities. You know an open-minded PS2 member you can reach out to for advice, partnerships, local knowledge, or anything of your design.

Regional Student and Alumni Network (RSAN)

You can engage with students in your area for that extra support when needed in your workforce. There is a mutuality to this; you will receive first-hand work experience while receiving assistance from an honest and well-trained group of individuals.

Social and Sporting Association for Students, Staff, and Alumni (SSA2)

Our students and alumni connect through social and sporting activities held within proximity of where they live. It cannot just be work but no way to play, socialize, keep fit, and have a laugh.

We allocate the first Saturday of every month when we must get together with family and friends to socialize. We will have volunteer organizers in each district to put together the venues and activities for the first Sunday of every month. At a venue where activities may include male and female football or tennis matches on the day. Have board and card game competitions and much more.

The Society of PS2 Friends (S-PS2-F)

You can become a friend by joining the Society of PS2 Friends. As friends, we believe in each other and the things we do. You become committed to our mission and vow to uphold our constitution and a life of integrity without compromise. Lifelong learning is one of the things we encourage.

All Alumni are automatically enrolled into the S-PS2-F and benefit from our lifelong learning programme. You will continue to get updates on cutting-edge research in all the fields you study to keep you abreast with what is happening in the world. The idea is that through proper portfolio journaling, you can continue to record your learning achievements and journey.

Lifelong learning is transformative. The idea that once we graduate, we can let go of our books and get a job and forget everything about school has led to the many problems we see today in our society, especially our leadership. Some feel complacent about learning or become too pompous to learn or come back to education.

We believe and belong to a new order in society, one that creates the opportunity, one that keeps the door for learning wide open to people of all shades. Coming from a less privileged social-economic background and endowed with natural talents, you can showcase your talent to a broad audience through us. An audience who can take you further, so you do not end up as a street labourer.

To make this possible, the S-PS2-F members pledge a £250 yearly membership fee towards our mission. You will receive lots of benefits as an S-PS2-F member, including a free copy of our quarterly journal, invites to special events with discounts, free access to social and sporting events happening in your area, a 20% discount on our e-library books, stationery, and selected items for sale in our online store.

We hope you join us.

The PS2 Quarterly E-Journal (PS2QM)

The PS2 Quarterly Journal is divided into two parts: the public service practitioners and the private sector entrepreneurs. Part 1 tells us about the great things our alumni, students, regional leaders, community volunteers, and local public service personnel do in their communities.  The focus is on things accomplished differently that have brought about social action and social change through community organizing, community work, and social administration.

The journal contributes to the advancement of knowledge, articulating contemporary and emerging issues. It provides direction on how to think about social problems and develop innovative approaches to dealing with them.  Continue reading

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