The PS2 Quarterly E-Journal (PS2QM)

The PS2 Quarterly Journal is divided into two parts: the public service practitioners and the private sector entrepreneurs. Part 1 tells us about the great things our alumni, students, regional leaders, community volunteers, and local public service personnel do in their communities.  The focus is on things accomplished differently that have brought about social action and social change through community organizing, community work, and social administration.

The journal contributes to the advancement of knowledge, articulating contemporary and emerging issues. It provides direction on how to think about social problems and develop innovative approaches to dealing with them. These findings are used as case studies on our curricular programmes—a cross-section of public and private institutions contributing to the learning experience. The journal will serve as the rapid disseminator of evidence-based-practitioner-knowledge for a broader audience to share and will reward and publish awards for work recognition.

Part 2 of the journal is dedicated to the private sector entrepreneurs and is a multidisciplinary forum on issues that beat upon and unfold the field of entrepreneurship. It provides a unique platform for disseminating a range of critical entrepreneurship, innovation, business, and economic development relevant to emerging economies. The multidisciplinary journal reflects the complex nature of the entrepreneurial activity and the ability of scholars and researchers to make sense of critical issues that can pass on to businesses and upcoming students. Topics appropriate and related to entrepreneurship include

  1. Intrapreneurship,
  2. Managership,
  3. Organizational behaviour,
  4. Leadership,
  5. Motivation,
  6. Training, and
  7. Ethical and moral notions guiding entrepreneurial behaviour

Disciplinary boundaries that straddle entrepreneurship theory and research, including economics, psychology, sociology, anthropology, history, management, and others, are uncovered. The journal brings to the fore new methods of practice, innovations, industry-related technologies, ideas, and creative innovations that have kept the savvy ahead.

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