Teaching and Volunteering with Us

Community Builders Group (CBG)

The community is the first entity that we encounter beyond our families; this is how we engage with society. Whether you live in a rural village or a superfast city, you are around community members that we want to engage. Speaking to the businesses in your area could lead to work experience pledges offered to our students.

As a Community Builder, you must engage with your community, and the best place to start is with every other student and alumni in your area. You will be responsible for organizing them into action on social and sporting events we have scheduled. We will give you all the support and advice on how to do this. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us at contribute@ps2.education.

Through this mechanism, we begin to build your leadership and organizing skills and provide you with the knowledge you need to succeed.

Diaspora Volunteer Group (DVG)

Your role will be to engage with diaspora through our social media channels, including creating awareness at hotspots such as airports and places diaspora congregate. You will attend and host diaspora events to create awareness and fundraise.

Diaspora donors can appoint a particular local government area they wish their donations to go. We provide training and support to help you get started guiding you every step of the way. To learn more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with contribute@ps2.education, reference Diaspora Scheme office

Knowledge Transfer Partnership.

Do you possess knowledge or have an idea or model that has been tried and tested in any part of the world that you understand in its entirety and believe would assist in creating opportunities in Africa? We are keen to hear from you!

It could be a long-forgotten discovery or a discovery or a patent now open to the public. It could be a process you have mastered through work and want to teach others. It could be in manufacturing production, animal or plant-based pharmaceuticals, agriculture, a craft or service, or something you have learned from a country you have lived in for a long while and feel you want to share it with us.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch at contribute@ps2.education reference Knowledge Transfer. All communications are kept in the strictest confidence.


Volunteer to become an ambassador and represent us in various parts of the world.  We will train you on how to be a good ambassador and what areas to concentrate.

We want actors that can do more than create awareness of the good causes we pursue.

It would help if you had the charisma to bring people together. One who can enable and move people can implement and make change happen. You will be engaged nationally and represent us in meetings once called upon anywhere in the world to fundraise for our causes. Email contribute@ps2.education reference Ambassador

Ways our Students and Alumni Assist Us

The contributions the wider society provides are equivalent to our success. But without the selfless voluntary support from our alumni and students that engage with the broader community, we would be ineffective at getting the assistance we need.
PS2 alumni and students work in all sectors of the economy in different parts of the country, tackling today’s most urgent societal challenges.

Your role in promoting our mission is what we also embark on. We aim to become one of the region’s largest networks of public service practitioners and private sector entrepreneurs shaping public and business policy for the future. You will be helping people live in societies that are more safe, free, just, and sustainably prosperous.

To achieve all this means putting in real work on all fronts. Your training is the prerequisite to anything you can do and is your first commitment to selfless service to self and country. Still, extracurricular activities must also follow in engaging the wider community and where we ask for your support.

Your voluntary assistance while studying and after plays a vital role in connecting communities with the Institute and sourcing donations. Working with PS2 staff members, student and alumni volunteers facilitates engagement and advance giving opportunities from neighbourhoods.
Listed below are the various volunteering schemes we believe you can get involved in promoting our mission or email contribute@ps2.education.

Teaching and Working with Us

PS2 offers a diverse range of professional opportunities for Social Service professionals and support staff without walls or glass ceilings.

No matter what position you occupy in the Institute, you will receive support and regular feedback during your employment, allowing you to grow and develop, excel in your career, and make an impact.

The working environment is friendly and supportive, and we want to make sure it remains that way. We place great value on the diversity of our people, looking for the most skilful and promising individuals from a range of backgrounds, cultures, interests, and opinions. That means you’ll be allowed to thrive in a supportive, highly inclusive environment that encourages individuality and rewards initiative.

We are always keen to hear from those who feel they have the qualities and a social science background that would interest us.

Positions become available for online course moderators if you hold.

  1. A master’s degree in any social science subject and ten years post-qualification experience in the public sector or a reputable private sector firm.
  2. If you have taught at the tertiary level in any subject areas listed in our programme curriculum, we will consider your application further.
  3. PhD students in their final year of study with two years of experience teaching at the tertiary level in any related subjects as listed in the programme curriculum.

Please email a 750-word letter of interest explaining your essence in the last ten years and how you can contribute to our vision. teach@ps2.education.

You will be sent rubrics of our benchmark standards for online course moderation and booked in for a virtual interview if your application is successful.

Equal Opportunities Employer:

We are committed to promoting equality of opportunity for all and developing a diverse and talented workforce. We are an equal opportunities employer and positively encourage applications from suitably qualified candidates regardless of race, religion, ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or age. We seek talent!

We are interested in hearing from scholars and institutions in social science, behavioural science, social science, the humanities, and fields related to our mission from host countries and beyond. We are open to ideas and collaboration and look forward to a formal proposal describing how you feel you can contribute.

Public Volunteer Commissioners (PVCs)

Members of the wider society play a significant role in connecting us with their places of work, places of worship, family, and friends both at home and abroad. These connections support our mission to achieve our ailing youth education, apprenticeships, employment, and public service.

We call on friends, relatives, and parents who have children of age or become older to apply as volunteer commissioners. Support does not always have to come in the form of cash donations. Your efforts in creating awareness and fundraising can go further than any cash donation you make.

Please do not stay silent, believing everything will fix itself. Participate by speaking up to power and working with us to find apprenticeships for school leavers and raise seed capital for our students. It is vital to the success of our society.

The condition and prospects of our youth and country are worse than in 60 years and a reflection of what our society will continue to resemble if we do not do something to change it. It is a fact of life that well-educated and trained youths make a well-educated and developed society.

Please don’t stand on the sidelines watching. Doing nothing is as good as sanctioning the status quo of our youth and our country today. We must recognize that we can develop the human resources around us for societal development rather than relying solely on the little government provide.

Please join our School Leavers Apprenticeship Support for Service Providers (SLASSP) in connecting school leavers to service providers. Agreeing to pay for those apprenticeships can save lives. For less than £10 (N7500) a month, we can place a child under a master or madam, provide them with a monthly stipend, put together a contractual agreement that spells out the obligations and protects the rights of both Master and Apprentice. Doing nothing or relying on what government can do is no longer acceptable. Contact studentsupport@ps2.education reference (SLASSP) if you feel you want to help a child.

Volunteer as a Patron or Patronesses

This group is for those who have held public office in the past or present or are public figures such as elder statesmen or women, traditional leaders, faith leaders, senior citizens of good repute. If you feel you have the energy or what it takes to patronise our institution, we need you!

We believe you have the advice and experience and may suggest ways to help move our mission forward. Your support gives us and others that added confidence that we will do the right things.

Learning from your insightful experience is vital for future generations. We have set up a way to record interviews or short lectures of your expertise for use in our courses.

You can do this independently in the comfort of your home, choosing your style or topic or pick one from our curriculum that touches on every facet of governance, leadership, and business. Alternatively, we could set up a skype link and conduct an interview or lecture together. Your experience and knowledge ought to be stored and shared for the benefit of future generations.

We must hear from you. The more significant mistake is not learning from the mistakes of those before us. With your consent, we may post a profile picture of you with a few notes on the patron section of our website. Contact contribute@ps2.education reference Patronage.

Diaspora Role

Nearly every family in Africa, especially Nigeria, has a relative living in another country. And most diaspora watch and listen in shock about the terrible things that happen in our homeland. We feel regretful in most circumstances of the level of backwardness when compared to the country we live in.  As a result, we struggle to trust our relatives back home or harbour negative feelings towards our homeland. There is this sentiment that Africa or Africans can never change but get worse.

PS2 believes that diaspora knowledge and support can bring about the changes we want to see if organized into action. We have carefully crafted avenues in which you can provide that knowledge and assistance.

The biggest challenge is convincing anyone that

  1. Anything ever works
  2. Funds raised for good purposes will not end up lining the pockets of those responsible for those funds. We see it, hear it, and watch it unfold by the day.
  3. The people you try to help don’t turn around and use us as an avenue to extort

For this reason and to protect the long-term integrity of our Institution, we have devised ways to preserve our integrity, our diaspora, and the same beneficiaries, who may not understand the implications of their actions. To enable diaspora to participate in contributing towards youth education, employment, entrepreneurship, and governance. We, therefore, ask you to:

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