Programme Requirements

English Language Requirements

All our courses are taught in English. You must submit all assignments written in English. Essays submitted that do not meet the level of English required will be discarded and recorded as failed. We do not insist that applicants hold an English language certification but warn that they may be at a disadvantage if their language skills are not of a comparable level to those qualifications listed as IELTS 6.5 in all bands or B1 under the European Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). If you are proficient and an independent user of English, please feel free to enrol. We want to be sure that you have a good command of the English language to cope with the programme’s requirements.

Recommended Reading

We understand the high cost attached to purchasing textbooks and the difficulty in having them delivered. We do not want these issues to pose a barrier to your learning with us.

You will not need to buy any textbooks except you choose to. All the reading material used for the course will be provided through our copyright license. This equally means that students and staff must adhere to the guidelines of this license which will be supplied with each material.

If you feel you need a textbook or extra material or cannot access the reading material provided, don’t hesitate to get in touch with student support for assistance with details of the book or material you need

Recommended Age

Students must be prepared to work a good deal of the time independently and need considerable personal motivation. Students admitted to this programme conduct their learning under the guidance of a tutor. Due to this emphasis and the compulsory CPE component attached to this programme, we cannot enrol candidates under the age of 21. This means that you must have turned 21 at the time of registration on this programme. There are no upper age limits; however, schemes designated for the youth shall only include persons born on or after the 15th of January 1970. Specific priorities under certain schemes may prioritize those within a specified younger age group when the scheme commences.

Course requirement

To participate in this programme, you will need regular access to the Internet to download the course material for offline study, submit assignments and collaborate with other students on the BuddyPress discussion forum. You can do most (90%) of your work offline. See the data and power usage guide for more tips on how to save on data and power.
You must have average computer skills sufficient for using Microsoft office and email. You will also be expected to opt for your preferred social media handle limited to Facebook or WhatsApp for occasional online group discussions separate from the course discussion forum.

Unforeseen events

We understand that life can throw up circumstances that make it difficult for us to fulfil our commitments. If you encounter any such difficulties, please reach out to student support as soon as you can, who will be happy to assist you.

IT Requirements

This course is delivered online; to participate, you must be familiar with using a computer for purposes such as sending email and searching the Internet. You will also need regular access to the Internet and a computer meeting our recommended minimum computer specification.

System Requirements

These are the minimum IT requirements necessary to participate in the online courses; using better hardware and software may improve your study experience. Some courses have additional requirements, so please consult the IT requirements section listed in the course description of any course you plan to study.


⦁ An Internet connection (preferably broadband).
⦁ A computer fulfilling the software requirements outlined below. Any typical computer produced within the last five years should be adequate.
⦁ A smartphone or smart tablet can also serve in the absence of a PC desktop or laptop.

Other Hardware

Some courses use Microsoft Teams or similar online collaboration tools. To use these, you will need a device with speakers, a microphone, and a camera (optional). Standard laptop camera, microphone and speakers should be adequate. Headphones with a built-in microphone are recommended. See hardware requirements for Microsoft Teams (Hardware requirements for Microsoft Teams – Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs) for further details of optimal hardware requirements for various devices.


The Department’s courses are designed to work in any modern web browser, with those we officially support listed below.

It is possible to use other browsers, but – due to the sheer number of different configurations possible – if you encounter any problems whilst using a system we do not support, we will ask you to try a supported browser. The academic year 2021/22

Mozilla FirefoxGoogle Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge

For the best experience and optimum security, we recommend that you keep your browser up to date. Check at

Other Software

Using a Mac

Most of our online courses only require a web browser and some commonly available plug-ins. You should not experience any problems as a Mac user; however, there are some exceptions. Always check the course promotional website for any specific software requirements that may not be available for the Mac.

Bandwidth, data, and power usage

Poor bandwidth speeds, cost of data and availability of electric power to use online learning devices are some of the barriers highlighted as obstacles to e-learning in Nigeria. If you reside in or near a capital city, we understand that you might have these issues more resolved than if you live in a rural area with connectivity issues and even power to charge devices. In trying to mitigate for these circumstances to allow for more access and ease of use, we have taken the following measures:

⦁ We are reducing the amount of online data required by a bare minimum of 5megabites of data per week. We do this by making the course and its material available to you for download in one launch. This policy is also in accord with our bid to keep your learning a lifelong approach, and your teaching others with the same material is possible for years. Continue reading

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