Programme Objectives

Six Major Societal Flaws the PS2 Programme Fixes


⦁ Reduces the waste of early-life talent by giving the best and brightest a platform to showcase their talent.

⦁ Increase youth participation in decision-making by actively in the public sector and participating in democratic processes.

⦁ Increases the capacity and quality of public service output at the federal, state, and local levels to exceed or match standards in more advanced economies.

⦁ Train candidates to provide skills and become employable by more advanced knowledge-based economies—an outlet for the vast human resource within Africa.

⦁ Create a heightened awareness of civic responsibilities in young people, strengthen civil society, reduce corruption, insecurity, inequality, tribalism, and unemployment.

⦁ To rebuild the level of trust in government institutions through collaborative networking at the grassroots, coordinate for participation in related matters, and providing a place to voice out and a place to be heard. This prevents armed security personnel from deploying to civil cases, a heavy-handed, distasteful, and stomach-churning approach for any civilized society.


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