Our Vision

Our vision is of leaders fully enlightened, fully entrepreneurial, and prepared thoroughly for governance.
We are an online education provider committed to providing platforms and training for improving enlightened leadership participation in the private and public sectors in countries across Africa.

⦁ We are accelerating the impact of education by breaking social, economic, and cultural barriers that have inhibited access to governance, leadership, and wealth creation. Our teaching combines deep expertise with practical skills for the workplace in both private and public settings that equip and prepares our students for a fast-evolving world. The private and especially the public sector in Africa need brilliant people from all walks of life. We are determined to find and polish the most talented people regardless of their circumstances. We want the broadest possible student access to the Institute without compromising intellect.

⦁ To collaborate and connect our students through online discussions, debates, and small group exercises by integrating our familiar inhibitions with the unfamiliar and mixing students with diverse qualities that cut across tribe, religion, culture, and political affiliations.

⦁ Collaborating and learning with research institutions from some of the most renowned universities in the world, we draw on an extensive network within PS2 and internationally. This ensures we keep to the cutting edge of knowledge and bring the best of this experience to our students.

⦁ We bring to our students’ evidence-based research and relate it to Africa as the subject matter to address the scale and urgency of the challenges facing us today, such as reducing the vicious cycle of poverty-illiteracy-unemployment-inequality and insecurity. We recognize the need for an African-focused research approach.

⦁ Working with governments and practitioners as contributors to our course curriculum, we identify pressing issues and develop practical solutions together.

⦁ We use an E-portfolio for lifelong learning as a recording and learning journal for continual professional assessment and development. This helps employers to identify the skills of our students throughout their professional working life. Our students learn throughout their career life.

⦁ Our donors and foundations are essential to our vision. And our team of administrative staff is as committed to the School’s vision and the students they support.

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