Other Software

⦁ A functioning email address, G-mail preferred and configured for Doc sharing and drive use.

⦁ Any two functional social media handle in your country, WhatsApp or Facebook preferred.

⦁ A PDF reader such as ⦁ Adobe Reader (latest version) or ⦁ Foxit Reader (latest version)

⦁ A docx file compatible office suite, such as ⦁ LibreOffice or ⦁ Microsoft Office

⦁ For courses using Microsoft Teams, ⦁ the desktop app is recommended. If the app does not work, try the web-based version of Teams using Google Chrome as your web browser.

⦁ An e-book reader software such as Kindle, Freda, Calibre or WPS (not the gadget)

All the hardware and software outlined above must be correctly installed and maintained. We strongly recommend that you take steps to protect your computer/device(s), including backing up data, installing up to date anti-virus software and keeping the operating system and other vulnerable software up to date.

If you are participating in a course that lasts for two or more years, you must ensure that you keep your hardware and software up to date with the minimum requirements for each academic year. We also recommend that you save any coursework as you go along and connect to a cloud-based backup system.

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