Level of Study

Students must be prepared to work a good deal of the time independently and need considerable personal motivation. Students admitted to this programme conduct their learning under the guidance of a tutor, who will advise on all aspects of academic progress, development and training.

This course design is for students who can endure or have successfully endured the rigour of a bachelors degree and have a minimum of three years of work experience. We also consider adult learners who have considerable work experience and are confident in themselves in accomplishing the course work. We have adopted an easy-to-understand approach that allows for independent thinking and metacognitive comprehension.

The study material is expansive. There is an expectation that candidates will read widely and in-depth throughout their time on the programme and show the ability to think about and critique current theoretical thinking in the subjects. You will be expected to read up to 300 pages of text material every week and grasp the concepts, principles, alternative phenomena that will prod you to think independently and answer mind-boggling questions.

It is an essential part of the course that you follow the online group discussions and activities, answer quizzes and multiple-choice questions, write essays in weeks 4 and 9, submit scheduled assignments, and update your portfolio records.

The group discussions are an integral part of the course. The course design engages a broad spectrum of factors that enhance cooperation, integration, tolerance, and networking.

You will be in a group where you will dialogue and exchange ideas with people of different cultures, religions, beliefs, social and political complexions. The practice of courtesy and respect that apply to working with any group also applies online. Before engaging in our online and offline group discussions, you must read our online netiquette guidelines for effective communications in the internet environment. The netiquette guidelines are provided at the start of every course.

Do not enrol on this course if you have a low tolerance of other people’s opinions that differ from yours or are quick to take offence.

Indulging in one outdoor social or sporting activity organized monthly for your group within your vicinity and participating in volunteering activities is encouraged. We have provided you with our study and time management guidelines to see you through.

The design and curriculum of these courses are such that no previous field of study inhibits a learner from undertaking this programme. This includes core science students or has obtained a degree in a science or non-related realm. Being the best scientist does not make you the best citizen, public servant, nor an entrepreneur. This programme will teach and unravel things you can never encounter in any discipline other than the social sciences.

Taking the core modules of this course could work as a selfless pursuit anyone can undertake for the good of your person and country, even if you had no intention of pursuing a career through it. Your worldview and the way you interact with fellow citizens will never be the same.

It is most suited to those already in leadership positions of power, and we implore such persons to take this course to improve their leadership skills and the way they govern.

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