Under the CPE, active public servants may be allowed one exemption from the CBS list (i) – (x). The exemption must relate to an area the candidate is familiar with due to their current (not previous) occupation. Such exemptions must be authorized from the admissions office before starting the course and verifiable evidence of their occupation tendered.

We are unable to allow exemptions from any other part of the curriculum. The curriculum design intertwines with the CPE such that any exemptions would interfere with a student’s capacity to complete the CPE task. For instance, a candidate who holds a bachelor’s degree in political science or other disciplines may query the need to do similar topics under the curriculum. First, our curriculum design works in hand with the CPE as mentioned above and other practical issues directly related to today’s society that may not have been covered or have been the case when the candidate concluded their previous studies. We cannot accommodate such exemptions.

Secondly, any exemption will further result in the student being unable to participate in funding opportunities that may become available under various schemes. We will be unable to certify that the candidate has satisfactorily completed the curriculum as prescribed. To ensure uniformity, we advise that all candidates complete the course programme as prescribed or not partake in this programme if they are aware of any circumstances that would prevent them from completing the programme in its entirety.

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