Diaspora Role

Nearly every family in Africa, especially Nigeria, has a relative living in another country. And most diaspora watch and listen in shock about the terrible things that happen in our homeland. We feel regretful in most circumstances of the level of backwardness when compared to the country we live in.  As a result, we struggle to trust our relatives back home or harbour negative feelings towards our homeland. There is this sentiment that Africa or Africans can never change but get worse.

PS2 believes that diaspora knowledge and support can bring about the changes we want to see if organized into action. We have carefully crafted avenues in which you can provide that knowledge and assistance.

The biggest challenge is convincing anyone that

  1. Anything ever works
  2. Funds raised for good purposes will not end up lining the pockets of those responsible for those funds. We see it, hear it, and watch it unfold by the day.
  3. The very people we try to help don’t turn around and use us as an avenue to extort

For this reason and to protect the long-term integrity of our institution, we have devised ways to preserve our integrity, our diaspora, and the same beneficiaries, who may not understand the implications of their actions. To enable diaspora to participate in contributing towards youth education, employment, entrepreneurship, and governance. We, therefore, ask you to:

  1. Appoint a particular person from your family back in your home country that you would like to see trained by PS2. Purchase from our payment portal a fee voucher of the amount you choose to pay for the student. This voucher can then be redeemed against course fees by the student at check out. The fee voucher is only redeemable against payment for our courses and or study materials. We will keep you updated with the students’ progress if you and the student consent to do this. This voucher is only refundable to the buyer where the student decides to withdraw from the course within the prescribed time allowed for a refund of fees.
  2. On satisfactory completion of a programme, you may choose to finance in part or whole the student’s business funding, you may do so by making payments directly with the student, but at your own risk.  Alternatively, you can make that payment through us using our voucher payment service. This is subject to prior approval from our business start-up department who need to have approved the venture by (i) perusing the student’s business plan and business feasibility study and approved both (ii) allocated an amount suitable for the business to take off and (iii) confirmed in the case of a part payment that the student has in place the remaining part of their funding.
  3. You may appoint to sponsor a student from a local government area of your choice on our e-notice board. Enter the student’s name and registration number in the reference column in our e-voucher payment portal and purchase a course voucher to the value of what you intend to pay. The student can then use this voucher at check out to pay for a course of their choice or submit it for processing.
  4. On satisfactory completion of the programme, if you choose to finance in part or in whole the student’s start-up business costs, you may do so by making that payment to us subject to fulfilling conditions 2(i-iii).
  5. You may purchase from our payment portal seed capital vouchers of up to twenty thousand US dollars ($20,000). This is the maximum amount a student can be approved. Some ventures may not qualify for the total amount of $20,000. You may purchase these vouchers periodically during the students’ study. However, these vouchers cannot be redeemed before the completion of the student’s programme. Vouchers are only refundable to the purchaser.
  6. If a student on a programme attempts to redeem a voucher without completing their programme, we would cancel the voucher and bar the student from further participation in the voucher funding scheme. The value of the voucher will be refunded to the purchaser or applied to a different student, subject to consent from the purchaser. A 4.9% transaction fee applies for the refund of any unused voucher or where our terms of use are violated.
  7. Where a voucher must be refunded to the original purchaser, security checks are made to ensure that the original benefactor redeems the voucher. We will only make such refunds to the same method of payment in which the voucher was initially purchased. For instance, if you used a bank card to buy, the refund will be credited to that same bank card account. If the card has expired, destroyed, replaced, or changed before that period, we will request to see further evidence. A 4.9% transaction and administrative fee would be deducted before remitting the balance to the benefactor.

We want you to have the confidence to contribute to our mission. Kindly feel free to do so with the assurance that every student you sponsor will add to fulfilling our mission. These funds go towards additional specialized skills obtained from various parts of the world where we bring in expertise for start-ups or send our students out for that extra training scholarship.

Diaspora knowledge and funding play an integral role in supporting our students throughout their studies and in the future when they graduate. Our pledge of business start-up funding can only be met when everyone pledges or commits to our mission.

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