Curriculum subjects

There are nine (9) core subject areas, of which you must do eight (8) in either route; PSEC or PSPC. PSEC students take Microeconomics in place of Macroeconomics. The PSPC students take Macroeconomics in place of Microeconomics. All eight subjects are compulsory. You may opt to do other subjects we offer out of interest, but this would be at your discretion and would not count as a substitute for any of the core modules.


  • Critical Thinking, Logic, and Epistemology (10 weeks)

  • Moral Philosophy & [Moral Education] (8 weeks)

  • Social and Cultural Anthropology (10 weeks)

  • Political Philosophy (8 weeks)

  • Public Policy Economics & [Evidence-Informed Policy Delivery] (12 weeks)

  • Principles of Microeconomics (12 weeks)

  • Behavioural, Complexity and Macro-Economics (12 weeks)

  • Patterns of Uncompetitive Behaviour (8 weeks)


These are the core models for the PSPS and PSEC Programme.

Please refer to the subject curriculum for a complete list of the topics covered under each subject.



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