Politics and Political Theory

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The appearance of politics and policy impact us all, whether we choose to be politically active or not. Its impact is inescapable, but the reality is no easier to discern today than when the Greeks of the 5th century BC first began to search for it. This double module online course is intended to enable you to make up your mind about politics and understand more about how and why political decisions are made, how governments work, but also to understand more about the academic discipline of political science. Politics has been taken to mean the essential human activity of deciding how to live together in communities.

We will answer – what is politics? why politics matter? What are power and authority? Why obey the state? What are the key approaches to power? What are a constitution and the rights and obligations it confers? How do government institutions and systems work? How do governments communicate? Why is diplomacy important or the function of the media?

What are the current issues and events affecting governments nationally and globally such as globalization and global warming before doubling down into political theory, where we go further into the history, nature, and theory of political concepts and ideologies? This deepens your thinking about politics in a more refined fashion.

Our focus here would be to look at the various political theories of the past 250 years. It has often been argued that democracy has its many flaws and does not quite work as well in countries with weak institutions. Its attendant pillars – liberalism, capitalism, globalization accused of causing more harm than good.

The political theory allows us to delve in further and find out, if not democracy, then what? We will look at the past three major political theories liberalism, communism, and fascism taking a journey from Mussolini to Hitler, Marxism and socialism, neo-liberalism, and post modernization. We will conclude by looking at economic, social, and technological political theory asking if that should be the non – ideological focus for humanity.

We have not taken the view that a ‘social scientific’ approach requires the assumption of an attitude of detachment from the politics of the day. The approach here is to search for long-term principles that can help guide political actions.

1. Overview of Politics and Political Theory and Comparative Politics

2. Key Concepts -Political Thinkers - Political Ideas and the Nation State

4. Approaches to and Relevance of Comparative Politics

4. Structures and Institutions – Bureaucracy – Government Institutions

5. Actors and Processes - Political Parties - Interest Groups - Social Movements and Political Participation

6. Political Ideologies and Movements of the Right – Conservatism- Fascism

7. Political Ideologies and Movements of the Left – Marxism Collectivism Feminism

8. Government Systems and Structures - Legislature – Constitutions & Leadership in Government

9. Globalization - International Institutions - & the Idea of Global Governance

10. Communication – Mass Media Impact– Skills for Diplomatic Relations and Negotiations and Government

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