Career paths on completion

On completion of the programme, you are equipped with generic and transferable skills, which include

  1. The ability to research, collect and analyze data.
  2. Use a range of software, conduct comparative and policy analysis.
  3. Administer, organize, plan and manage time effectively.
  4. Write and edit thesis, present evidence, question arguments and debate.
  5. Understand a range of concepts and principles relevant to a capitalist liberal democratic society.
  6. Understand the process and steps toward nation-building and the various ills that can handicap the process.
  7. Understand subject-specific knowledge with a multidisciplinary approach for political, social and economic growth.

All these enables graduates to make a unique contribution to specialized fields. This multidisciplinary programme allows you to enter various professions within the

  1. Private and public service, policy advisers, social services, and civil service.
  2. Become special advisers, youth workers, or offer third sector advocacy.
  3. Teaching, Coaching, career guidance, researchers, and Think Tank advocacy.
  4. Contest for Public office at any level.

The program enables you to proffer advice on various issues, such as the social and cultural aspects of health, illness, healing, and education in understanding the social and cultural factors that impact learning.

In the past, candidates have chosen a variety of professions, including

  1. Development director, management analyst, development director, policy analyst, legislative assistant, and public relations specialist.
  2. Social media manager, market research analyst, sales manager, business consultant, logistics manager, and senior sales representative.
  3. Marketing managers, client service managers, human resource generalists, community managers, office managers, and assistant office managers.
  4. Human resource assistant, administrative assistant, office coordinator, program assistants, personal assistants, and risk assessment manager.
  5. General operations manager, line manager, labour relations management specialist, purchasing agent, logistician, and chief administrative officer.
  6. Public works director, recreational superintendent, fundraiser manager, program director, unique event planner, and policy development.
  7. Police and probation services, ICT development, business and finance, health promotion and public health policy, ecology and environmental campaigning.
  8. Education, museum curation, international development, charity organizations, heritage, cultural resource management, cross-cultural partnership facilitator.

Furthermore, with your training, you can identify vacancies in several businesses needing the type of service you can provide. It is for you to make them aware of the advantages of hiring your services. You should feel confident to offer your services as a volunteer knowing your input will decide your worth.

Finally, you have been prepared thoroughly for self-employment if you choose the business, management, and entrepreneur route. Your limits are only curtailed by the elasticity of your mind.

We wish you the very best.

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