Assessments, Multiple Choice Questions, Assignments, Examinations

There are various methods by which we will assess your performance in each module for this course.

(1). Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
At the end of each unit is a set of multiple-choice questions. You must score a minimum of 75% to proceed to the next unit. MCQ carries 20% of the total programme score.

(2). Assignment
In week 4, a 500-word essay, and in week 9, a 1500-word essay must be submitted as part of your assignment. Assignments are not graded but are marked as either pass or fail. Late assignments will result in 10% deductions for the first week, 20% in the second week, and 40% in the third week. These deductions would weigh heavily on whether you pass or fail the essay assignment.

The maximum period an assignment can be outstanding is three (3) weeks, after which it will be marked as failed. You must request an extension by first informing your course tutor and student support.

Student support will decide based on the assessment extension report made by your tutor and other factors you would need to establish before an extension is granted. Only medical and certain unforeseen events would be considered eligible for such extensions. The essay assignment carries 60% of the total programme score.

(3). Examinations
There is a final examination is for students who intend to contest for elections in the democratic process. It is more critical you complete every module and understand them thoroughly, rather than rush through it and end up with scanty skills. You can enter for the examinations up to one month after the course ends. If you don’t reach the 75% cut-off mark, you can try again after seven days.

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