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Welcome to PS2.Education!

PS2 helps you through tailored academic tutoring to acquire organic problem-solving skills necessary to find solutions to some of Africa’s enduring political and economic challenges. Our online leadership programme designed for both the private and public sectors polishes you for public and private sector roles and participation in future democratic elections at any official level. We train you to become the change you desire, to possess enlightened leadership skills making you that breed of leaders that Africa desperately needs.

In recognition of this need, PS2 identifies the best and brightest individuals of good character. It thoroughly prepares you for these roles, focusing on future participation in entrenching young people in the democratic process. Our training will empower you to participate at all levels of government in the public sector, top private sector positions or contest for political office in the electoral process.

Our curriculum trains you to become a public service practitioner or a private sector entrepreneur by drawing on principles and concepts necessary for the smooth running of a capitalist liberal democratic society.

Students will learn things that entrenches cooperation and the understanding, operation, planning, and management of a capitalist liberal democratic society. Our subjects cover a broader spectrum in philosophy, politics, economics, public policy, anthropology, administration, development, management and other interdisciplinary approaches. See our subject curriculum for complete details.

The PS2 Institute is a Think Tank Social Science Organisation for Development in Emerging Countries. We use education and training to achieve most of our goals. Our platform brings together students, scholars, leaders, and practitioners who combine thought with action to make the world a better place.


Creating a more agile and interconnected education system that focuses on building skills that can flexibly respond to the new social, economic, and heated political environments in which we will find ourselves today.

Our vision is of leaders fully enlightened, fully entrepreneurial, and prepared thoroughly for governance.

We are an online education provider committed to providing platforms and training for improving enlightened leadership participation in the private and public sectors in countries across Africa. Continue Reading

With a sense of responsibility, our mission is to create ideas that deepen and advance our understanding of civic duty, leadership, and entrepreneurship. And with those ideas develop principled, creative, and visionary leaders who can inspire others, facilitate better governance, innovate better businesses, and deliver a better foundation for future generations.

Improve public policy and public leadership across the region so that people could lead safer, freer, and more prosperous lives teaching skills they need to effectively advance the public purpose in the public, private and non-profit sectors.

To identify talent and build on it. We are bent on identifying talent and providing opportunities where talent transcends connections. We have got to a point in society where talent is ignored, lost, and unrewarded.

Talent must participate for society to excel in governance, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

To ensure a future where the majority and the minority are well represented and equitable participants in business enterprises and the democratic system to avoid a repeat of the past. Continue Reading

An African Perspective in programme design

The course adopts an African perspective to its approach using Nigeria as its subject matter. This approach is unique and relevant for solving African development matters with African solutions.

By using case studies from Africa, we bring home those matters that touch on Africa and find our unique ways of solving them. The curriculum and design of this programme are unique to Africa and can be used in other parts of the world in solving similar developmental bottlenecks. Continue Reading

Career Paths on Completion

You are now equipped with generic and transferable skills, which include the ability to research, collect and analyze data, use a range of software, conduct comparative and policy analysis, administer, organize, plan and time manage, write, and edit, present evidence and argument, and question and debate. All these enables graduates to make a unique contribution to specialized fields. Continue reading

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